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About me.

Life is best when you’re doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t! 
As a long-time licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, aside from meeting and be-friending some awesome clients, it’s been the photography and marketing that I love the most. I now have a business partner that’s very excited to help me with my real estate business. It allows me time for my photography, and the ability to continue to help my real estate clients. I’ve also expanded my Real Estate Photography business to other agents, vacation rentals, and local businesses.

I have the skills, equipment, training and deep understanding of photography that other professional photographers have. However, I do have one thing that stands out above the rest – a very deep understanding of the real estate business from several years on the ‘inside’: things that are desirable from a buyer’s perspective; features unique to a home that can make it stand out from others; the sense of urgency that agents feel getting a property on the market… and as a user of our glorious MLS system, I’m also well-aware of how it can ruin a professional photo during upload and I know how to avoid it. I have two batches of photos for you within 48 hours of the shoot, although I aim for the following day.

My photos are taken with intent and thoughtfulness. Everything is in focus so eyes float about the room. If not, I’m purposely drawing the eye to a detail. For interiors, I use artificial lighting to increase sharpness of photos and balance light coming in from windows. I also overlay an ambient (natural light) shot that makes my photos look more natural and relaxed. I will not ‘photoshop’ a flaw from the home. I certainly won’t focus on it though! My photos are taken from the perspective of a buyer walking through the home to give them a good sense of how great it feels to be inside. 


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